I am originally from Poland. My name, Michal, is pronounced there 'Mee-how', but my preferred pronunciation is the standard English 'Michael'.

Roughly one day of my week is devoted to reading my colleagues' work and, occasionally, reviewing papers for conferences and journals. If you have a manuscript on one of the topics that I am interested in, feel free to get in touch.

I am a member of the Oxford Serious Ethics Group.

I helped Johann Frick and Tina Rulli organise the 2019 Princeton Workshop on Population and Procreation Ethics. The speakers included: Ralf Bader (Oxford), David Boonin (Colorado), Johann Frick (Princeton), Hilary Greaves (Oxford), Elizabeth Harman (Princeton), Jeff McMahan (Oxford), Melinda Roberts (TCNJ), Tina Rulli (UC Davis), Samuel Scheffler (NYU), and Larry Temkin (Rutgers).

Especially in the summer, I enjoy trail running and fastpacking. In 2015, I hiked 360km along the coastline of Poland. In 2016, I hiked 540km across Iceland. In 2017, I ran 170km around Mont Blanc. In the summer of 2018, I spent mutliple weeks running in Swiss and Polish mountains. I would be delighted to share some advice about medium- and long-distance hiking trails in different parts of Europe.