My main research area is normative ethics. I have worked extensively on population and procreation ethics. My BPhil thesis discussed Parfit's last published attempts to avoid the Repugnant Conclusion, and the Non-Identity Problem under uncertainty. And I recently collaborated with Kacper Kowalczyk on a paper which addresses a range of issues raised in Jake Nebel's excellent "An Intrapersonal Addition Paradox". At the moment, I am working on a project about well-being and the significance of temporal features.

My second area of research is epistemology. I have written about knowledge-how, skill, epistemic luck, and suspension of judgment. Currently, I am thinking about epistemic consequentialism and about pragmatic encroachment. In the future, I would like to investigate the numerous interconnections between epistemology and ethics.

I also have a strong interest in distinctively practical ethics. I have written about existential risk, predictive algorithms in the criminal justice system, cognitive enhancement, and automation of work. Johann Frick and I are scheduled to co-teach an upper-level undergraduate seminar on the Ethics of Emerging Technologies at Princeton in the spring of 2021.


1. Friedman on Suspended Judgment. Synthese. (forthcoming). [abstract]   [pdf]    [online]

2. On Parfit's Wide Dual Person-Affecting Principle. The Philosophical Quarterly. (2020). Winner of the 2018 Essay Prize. [abstract]   [pdf]    [online]

3. Schopenhauer on Suicide and Negation of the Will. The British Journal for the History of Philosophy. (forthcoming). [abstract]   [pdf]    [online]

Manuscripts in progress and under review:

4. A paper on noncomparativism and cases involving a mere chance of nonexistence (with Kacper Kowalczyk)

5. A paper on ex ante and ex post perspectives in population ethics (with Kacper Kowalczyk)

6. A paper on the significance of a life's shape

7. A paper on the nature of well-being

8. A paper on the structure of epistemic value

9. A paper on epistemic consequentialism and demandingness

10. A paper on double-checking

11. A paper on pragmatic encroachment

If you are interested in reading any of these manuscripts, send me an email.