Teaching and mentorship are an important part of my academic life. At Princeton, I co-taught (with Johann Frick) a novel upper-level seminar on the ethics of emerging technologies, and served as a teaching assistant for introductory courses in moral philosophy.

In 2021, I won the Graduate School Teaching Award for "a significant and exceptional contribution to undergraduate teaching".

Courses taught

The Ethics of Emerging Technologies (Spring 2021) | [syllabus]

Introduction to Moral Philosophy (Fall 2020) | [handouts]

Introduction to Moral Philosophy (Fall 2019)

Technology in the classroom

I'm an advocate for using technology to meet the students' needs in the classroom. In the fall of 2020, I created a video recording studio on campus, and produced and edited Johann Frick's lectures for his "Introduction to Moral Philosophy". The lectures were well-received by the nearly 400 students who took the course, many of whom commented on the production value in their evaluations. For example:

"The overall quality of the lectures was great. The content was very interesting and informative, and Professor Frick never let us down with his enthusiasm and insight. It is clear that he and his team put a lot of dedication and effort into each and every lecture, which really made a key impact on my learning experience."

"Absolutely excellent. I couldn't imagine a professor creating more engaging pre–recorded lectures. I looked forward to them every week."

"Lectures were very high quality, the best recorded lectures I've had. Prof. Frick does a good job lecturing and the videos really let him show that, even through a virtual setting."

"The lectures were always very interesting to watch, and I always had the impression that the professor was directly speaking to me, the listener, which gave me the impression of being directly involved."

"I was consistently blown away by Professor Frick's lectures. He presented the material in an extremely clear way and constantly left me pondering the philosophical topics we covered days after the lecture. The quality of the lectures was also extremely good, and this definitely contributed to how enjoyable it was to watch them."

After the course concluded, we made these lectures available to the public on YouTube. You can watch these recordings here.