Handouts for 'Introduction to Moral Philosophy' (Fall 2020)


Lectures 1 and 2 - Shaw on consequentialism and Singer on obligations to the needy

Lectures 3 and 4 - Parfit on well-being and Stocker on particular valuing

Lectures 5 and 6 - Taurek and Scanlon on moral aggregation

Lectures 7 and 8 - Quinn on the double effect and Thomson on the trolley problem

How to do well in your first writing assignment

Lectures 9 and 10 - Williams on negative responsibility and integrity, and Kant I

Lectures 11 and 12 - Kant II and Nagel on moral luck

A brief overview of the semester so far

Lecture 13 and 14 - Taylor and Frankfurt on freedom of the will

Lectures 15 and 16 - Gensler on cultural relativism and Mill on freedom of speech

Lectures 17 and 18 - Anderson on commercial surrogacy and Parfit on equality

Lectures 19 and 20 - Frick on social risk and Velleman on suicide

Lectures 21 and 22 - Thomson on abortion and Nagel on death