I am an enthusiastic educator with a track record of teaching effectiveness. At Princeton, I designed and co-taught a new upper-level course on the ethics of technology, and served as a teaching assistant for two introductory courses in ethics. In my last two teaching semesters, I received the highest student evaluations in the philosophy department (4.83/5, both occasions) and won the Graduate School Teaching Award for “a significant and exceptional contribution to undergraduate teaching”, awarded annually to a handful of students from across all disciplines.

Click here to view to my Teaching Statement and Student Evaluations.

Practical relevance

My teaching, much like my research program, is marked by the desire to connect philosophical theory with issues of pressing public concern. To that end, I’m always keen to create new courses, such as Ethics of New Technologies, The Future of Work and the Promise of Universal Basic Income, or Epistemology in the Social World. Click below to access my sample syllabi for these and other courses:

- Ethics of New Technologies
- The Future of Work and the Promise of Universal Basic Income
- Epistemology in the Social World
- Contemporary Political Issues
- Introduction to Moral Philosophy
- Knowledge and Reality
- The Philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer

Technology in the classroom

In suitable contexts, I’m open to preparing pre-recorded lectures which are shorter and carefully produced, and allotting more classroom time for discussion and practice. I have extensive experience in this regard. In 2020, when Princeton University transitioned to online teaching, I created a video recording studio and produced 24 lectures for Johann Frick’s “Introduction to Moral Philosophy” (available here). These lectures were well-received by the nearly 400 students who took the course, as exemplified by the following student comments:

"Lectures were very high quality, the best recorded lectures I've had. Prof. Frick does a good job lecturing and the videos really let him show that, even through a virtual setting."

"The overall quality of the lectures was great. The content was very interesting and informative, and Professor Frick never let us down with his enthusiasm and insight. It is clear that he and his team put a lot of dedication and effort into each and every lecture, which really made a key impact on my learning experience."

"Absolutely excellent. I couldn't imagine a professor creating more engaging pre–recorded lectures. I looked forward to them every week."